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4 Steps to Speed Up Your Metabolism, Balance Your Hormones, and Get Rid of Bloat, PMS, and Stubborn Weight

Balance your hormones, drop excess fat effortlessly, clear hormonal acne, get rid of cravings, and eat amazing food that restrictive diets told you were “bad for you”


You are in the right place if...

→ You’ve done a million diets…and you still don’t feel better.

→ Your doctor says your labs are normal, but you know something isn’t right because you struggle with bloat, PMS, PCOS, hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, hormonal acne, mood swings, fatigue, and/or cravings even though you try to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

→ You’ve been told it’s all in your head and you should just stress less.

Let's Work Together

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— Founder of Boho & Earthy —

Meet Your Expert

Hi, I'm Eleni, your new Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

After 10+ years of PMS, PMDD, bloating, fatigue, stubborn weight, hair loss, chronic dieting, water retention, a slow metabolism, and hating what I saw in the mirror…

I knew something had to change.

I was tired of tracking every bite of food, fighting intense sugar cravings, and always searching for the next diet or supplement.

I finally took matters into my own hands and learned how to support my hormones and metabolism the RIGHT way. 

I got rid of my painful period cramps, all my cravings, lost 30+ lbs, and my energy skyrocketed…

…all while eating amazing food (including cheese and ice cream!)…

…and without resorting to 1200 calorie crash diets (I now eat ~2000 calories a day).

I’ve now helped 500+ women do the same with the proven strategies I teach inside Hormone and Metabolism Restoration.

I can’t wait for you to be next!

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Helped 600+ women with their hormones, metabolism, and gut

Balanced my own hormones using holistic methods

Fixed my metabolism after years of struggling

Epic Client Results

Are you ready?

Last loving encouragement

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